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‘Quo’ vs. ‘Innovator’

How do leaders of the thousands of insurance carriers, agencies and brokerages view the strength and future of their brands? Do they have a clear direction? Do they truly understand the value a strong brand can provide? Are they investing wisely to attract and retain new generations of agents and customers? Unfortunately, some brands are […]

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Is Your Wrecking Ball Hitting the Target?

Every band and solo music artist dreams of viral video success. And who sets the record? Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. Think it was “secret web code tweaks” the singer used to deliver views? I suggest a better, more useful answer for our purposes: Miley knows her audience. More accurately, Miley knows how to […]

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Uncomfortable? Good

Kudos to ACORD for continuing to book strong speakers at its two main annual conferences. For instance, last year David Nour was terrific. And recently we heard from MIT’s Neri Oxman, who was fascinating in content and delivery. To get a sense, check out her TED talk from a few years ago. One comment from Oxman […]

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Merger? Acquisition? Or Brand Crisis?

M&A activity among independent insurance agents and brokers has been running at a strong clip for years. The news releases all sound so promising, don’t they? But have you wondered how many deals actually work out — where the owners actually see an increase in value for the combined firms? I wonder all the time, […]

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Being “Wired” Ain’t What It Used To Be

Call it a hangover from the ’60s or just another double entendre. But what does “wired” mean to most people? The high-tech magazine? Low-tech communications? Drugs? A four-year-old bouncing off the walls from a massive sugar rush? For the rest of my life, it will mean the weeks I’ve now spent with my mouth locked and […]

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